MPJohnson construction is a construction-based firm that operates in the Twin Cities greater metropolitan area of Minnesota. Over the past 25 years we have developed a diversified background in commercial and industrial construction. Our experience ranges from high-end, ground-up construction to the renovation of existing retail, restaurant, and office environments to the development of warehouse space.

Regardless of the job size or budget, we immediately assign a project manager who stays with the project from its inception to final turnkey completion. This provides our clients with an ongoing and consistent source of communication to make each job a success. We have a proven record of quickly adapting to the immediate needs of our clients, which has created a wealth of customer satisfaction and valued long-term customer relationships.

We are proud of our track record of bringing in our projects on schedule and within budget, while maintaining the highest level of workmanship. We can handle the complexities of today’s advanced building systems, and of meeting stringent deadlines while remaining committed to the highest standards of safety performance consistent with sound construction practices.


MP Johnson takes the responsibility of building your drawing or vision long before ground is broken and long after the opening ribbon is cut. We are more than a collective group that has extensive skills, knowledge and experience. We nurture the passion and tradition of brilliant forethought, supreme craftsmanship and impeccable workmanship. We build it to last and we built it to impress, both now and decades from now.

We also learn from every project we've been involved in, and we are committed to working with you and your team to leverage the full benefit of our experience and expertise. Our pre-construction reviews have the greatest potential influence on a project's final outcome. Assessment of x-factors, risks, materials, methods and tools, and their durability and lifetime costs are essential.


We are constantly challenging ourselves to find brilliant, timely solutions to realize our clients vision and head-off problems before they arise. Beginning at your vision or drawing, our pre-constructive experience, insight and knowledge can identify challenges and pit falls that my put a budget or schedule at risk with our pre-construction review.

We develop timely solutions in advance so that these challenges do not become costly problems. We’ll balance your goals, analyze methods, materials, schedules and other factors, to equip you with the information you need to make sound choices before we ever break ground.


Beginning with the pre-construction, we analyze environmental and sustainability factors for both now and in the distant future. We stay on top of cutting-edge tools and material and analyze their quality, strength, durability, impact, efficiency, safety, life-cycle performance and life-cycle cost.

We've been on top of sustainability factors and environmental metrics decades before they ever become a marketing buzz word. And we stay on top of the best materials, techniques and tools to date.



Integrated Construction Management for high-end renovation projects in the Twin Cities

Written by: Jeanee Dudley | Produced by: Joe Atwood

Since 1988 MP Johnson Construction Inc. has upheld a reputation for quality in commercial building throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The Twin Cities-based contractor is family-owned and-operated...